Research Projects

  1. Joint research and technology program Greece – UK Britain: ''Optimisation of inverted - absorber asymmetric line - axis solar energy systems''. University of Ulster, N. Ireland (1994-1996).
  2. ''Heating water with solar energy in hotels of the Cyclades islands'', funded by National Tourist Organization (1995-96).
  3. "Physico-chemical study of metal oxides for electro-optical applications, with emphasis on electrochromic properties, funded by GSRT – PENED 95 (1995-1997).
  4. "Durable Peak Performance Evacuated Glazing", funded by the EU (Program Joule, DG XII, from 1/1/96 to 31/3/99).
  5. "Photovoltaic facades of Reduced cost Incorporating Devices with optically concentrating Elements", funded by the EU (Program Joule, DG XII, from 1/5/97 to 31/7/99).
  6. TMR-LSF ’97: series of experiments carried out at Plataforma Solar de Almeria, Spain, funded by the EU, DG XII.
  7. TMR-LSF ’98: series of experiments carried out at Plataforma Solar de Almeria, Spain, funded by the EU, DG XII.
  8. "Study of electrochromic materials and photonic polymers. Preparation of devices for energy, optic and other applications ", funded by GSRT – PENED 99 (2000-01).
  9. "Electrochromic Evacuated Advanced Glazing (ELEVAG)", funded by the EU (Program ENERGIE4, DG XII, from 1/11/01 to 31/10/04).
  10. "Development of electrochromic glazing with adjustable optical transparency and improved properties thermal and soundproof properties". Research program PYTHAGORAS I, funded by GSRT (2005-06).
  11. "Study and development of “smart” glazing with adjustable optical properties", funded by GSRT – PENED 03 (2005-08).
  12. "Development of nanostructured electrodes and electrolytes for innovative solid electrolyte fuel cells", funded by GSRT – PENED 03 (2005-08).
  13. "Upgrading and enhancing existing infrastructure to support astro and geodynamic actions for research and distance learning in the Ionian Sea", PEP Ionian Islands, Research and Development programs (2006-11).
  14. Research project THALIS, "Development of an innovative and intelligent system with digital optical CCD sensor for optimal exploitation of natural lighting and energy savings, ILCIS", 2012-2015.
  15. "Mediterranean Environmental Review Monitoring for port Authorities through Integrated Development, MERMAID", MED Maritime Integrated Projects, 2014-15.
  16. "Design of an intelligent system for sustainable management of water networks: application in Crete, SmartWaters", 2015-16.
  17. "Novel structural skins", COST Action TU1303, 2014-2016.
  18. "Geothermal energy Applications in Buildings and Infrastructure - GABI", COST Action TU1405, 2015-2018.
  19. ASVaCS (Advanced Solar Vacuum Collectors & Systems), "Development, design, production and environmental analysis of advanced solar thermal collectors and heat storage systems using vacuum and phase change materials", 2018-2021.



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